Sherburn Hungate Community Primary School

PTA (Friends)

The Friends of Sherburn Hungate Community Primary school ('Friends') was founded in 1991 and exisits to promote links between home and school. It is a PTA-type association open to all staff, parents and friends of Hungate school.

The purpose of 'Friends' is to advance the education of our children and to raise funds for the provision of facilities not provided by the Local Education Authority on behalf of the school, where parents, carers and teachers can meet in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

The purchase of a wealth of educational equipment and the acquisition of many 'extras', such as additional computers, etc has been made possible by the tremendous effort and support given to the school by 'Friends'

Children Playing'Friends' is for everyone and works for the good of the whole school. It is open to ALL parents. Please get involved (click for link to the Friends Contacts Page).

The work of the 'Friends' was highlighted in one of our OFSTED Reports: 'In recent years, the school has benefited from the support of the 'Friends of Hungate' for the funding of computers and other equipment.'

'The active 'Friends of the school' organise a range of funding raising activities which are well supported by the parents'

'There is an active 'Friends of the school' group which arranges a wide range of social and fundraising events which are well supported by the parents. The funds are used to purchase resources like computers and audio resources which enhance the quality of education provided.'

The Governors' Annual Report to Parents noted:

'The Friends of Hungate work hard throughout the year to promote the image of the school and to raise funds to provide extras for the children at the school.'

'The hard work undertaken by the 'Friends' in support of the school is greatly appreciated by the Governors. Their continuing support for educational visits, the 'arts in school' (eg visiting theatre groups) and provision of leaving gifts for Year 6 pupils helps to make school life more rewarding and interesting for the pupils. The Governors would strongly urge parents to support the Friends both by involvement in working groups etc and by supporting the organised events.'

'Friends' have enjoyed a wide variety of fundraising activities over recent years including:


  • Discos
  • Christmas Fayres
  • Race Nights
  • Body Shop Evenings
  • Chocolate Demonstrations
  • Summer Fayres
  • Fashion Shows
  • Gateaux Evening
  • Christmas Activity Club and Sale
  • Bonfires
  • Shopping Trips to France
  • Christmas Draws
  • Ice Skating
  • Aromatheraphy Evening
  • Easter Competitions and Raffles
  • Line Dancing
  • Beetle Drive and Bingo


'Friends' has helped to raise significant funds since 1991. Some projects supported and items purchased have included:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Computer Trolleys
  • Carpets
  • Blinds and Curtains
  • Comb Binder and Laminator
  • Cooker
  • Trolley and Baking equipment
  • Projector Screen
  • Mini Recording Studio
  • Rotary Cutters
  • Funding of visiting Theatre Groups
  • Wax Kettle and Batik Tools
  • Listening Centre
  • Leaving Gifts for Year 6 pupils
  • Classroom Games and Toys for wet playtime
  • Gym Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Goalposts
  • Pinboarding
  • Staging
  • Commemorative 30th Birthday Mugs
  • Improvement to Early Years Area
  • Jubilee Coins
  • Wooden Playhouse

The aim of 'Friends' is to raise enough funds to support:
A leaving gift for all Year 6 pupils
£2.50 contibution to fund part or whole of a school trip for each pupil